H. Kucha



Abstract. Main copper minerals are: chalkocite, digenite, bornite, chalkopyrite, djurleite, covellite, spionkopite, geerite, yarrowite, tennantite, anilite and 1/2bornite. Accessoric minerals are: idaite, mooihoekite, haycockite, and a new mineral Cu7Fe0,3S4. Rare minerals of Cu, Ni and Co are: enargite, luzonite, famatinite, stibioluzonite, linneite, siegenite, carrolite, skutterudite and lautite. The main copperbearing minerals are: pyrite (villamaninite), Fe-thiosulphates, glauconite (phengite), illite, feldspars and calcite. Silver is the second most important metal in Kupferschiefer. Main silver minerals are: stromeyerite, mckinstryite, native silver and minor Ag-amalgams, chlorargyrite, eugenite and jalpaite. The main silver-bearing minerals are: bornite, chalcopyrite (mooihoekite, hay cockite), melnikovite, tennantite, chalcocite and digenite. Melnikovite grains composed of intergrowths of thiosulphates and sulfites contain from 2.82 to 17.15 wt. % Ag. The main lead mineral is galena. Clausthalite is rare. Pb-castaingite, plumbian gold, native lead and plattnerite are rare. The main Pb-bearing minerals are: pyrite, melnikovite, calcite, dolomite, and Pb-feldspar. The main Zn mineral is sphalerite containing average 0.65 wt. % Fe and 0.58 wt. % Cd. The main Zn-beraing minerals are (average, wt. % Zn): tennantite - 5.39, dolomite - 1.05, feldspars - 0.38 and anhydrite - 1.18. The main molybdenum minerals are castaingite CuMo2S5, CuMoS3, Cu8MoS9, Cu9MoS9, Pb-castaingite, K-castaingite, a new mineral chevrel compound, and traces of molybdenite and jordisite. Noble metal minerals are gold of high fineness (over 92 wt. % Au), electrum, sobolevskite, native palladium, tetraauricuprite, vincentite. Organometallic compounds of Au, Pd, Pt, As and U are present in thucholite. Uranium minerals are represented by: thucholite, uraninite, coffinite, pitch blende, brannerite, masuyite, and organometallic compounds in thucholite. The organic matter content reaches up to 30 wt. %. This substance forms a matrix composed of micron-submicron, ordered sandwich intergrowths of graphite-illite and graphite-montmorillonite. V is the main element present in the organic matrix as vanadyle ethioporphyrins with Ni. Locally ethioporpyrins show admixture of As and Mo. Clay-organic matrix of noble metals bearing shale is enriched in Ti, Ni, Pd, Ag, Pt, Au, U and radiogenic Pb. There are three new minerals found in the Lubin deposits: morozeviczite, polkovicite and eugenite. The mineral parageneses described are a result reduction and oxidation reactions taking place during deposit formation on the redox interface.


minerały, metale szlachetne, miedź, srebro, molibden, geochemia.


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