An application of Markov chain analysis to studies on lithofacies sequences in the alluvial fans from the „Bełchatów” lignite deposit (Poland)

Wojciech Mastej


Zastosowanie analizy łańcuchów Markowa do badań sekwencji litofacji w stożkach napływowych w złożu węgla brunatnego „Bełchatów”

The Markov chain analysis was used to study on lithofacies sequences in alluvial fans enclosed in the main seam of the “Bełchatów” lignite deposit. Quantitative approach supported the qualitative results o f sedimentological analysis - the origin of muds, clays and coaly clays as well as the presence o f a barrier (peat bog) between the fans and the lake with carbonate deposition. It was found that ephemeral lakes located on the fan surface were favourable sites for development of peat bogs. Similarly, the same lakes evolving into the peat bogs were favourable environments for expansion o f sand lobes o f the fans. It was discovered that cyclicity in sediment succession was disturbed by erosion. The new model o f lacustrine limestone deposition was proposed for the northwestern part o f lake which borders the fans from the northwest.

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