Płaszczowina reglowa górna (choczańska) między Doliną Lejową a Doliną Chochołowską w Tatrach

Elżbieta Gaździcka, Andrzej Gaździcki, Karolina Filipczak, Alfred Uchman


Upper Sub-Tatric (Choč) Nappe between the Lejowa and Chochołowska valleys in the Tatra Mountains.
A b s t r a c t. The studied area contains the Middle to Upper Triassic successions of the Hronicum domain
(Choč Nappe), forming at least three tectonic units. From the bottom to the top, they include: the Furkaska, the Siwa Woda and the Koryciska thrust slices. Sedimentary successions of these units differ in details, but generally they contain: the Ramsau Dolomite (Middle Anisian), Reifling Limestone interfingering with the Partnach Beds (uppermost Anisian-Ladinian), Wetterstein Dolomite (Ladinian-Lower Carnian), Hauptdolomite (Upper Carnian-Norian) and grey fossiliferous limestones of the Norovica Formation (uppermost Norian Rhaetian). Between the Furkaska and the Siwa Woda thrust slices, calcareous and siliciclastic deposits of the Krížna Nappe representing the Fatra and the Kopieniec formations (Rhaetian-Sinemurian) are sandwiched. Thus, within the Triassic successions of the Choč Nappe on the eastern slope of Cisowa Turnia (Lejowa Valley), a new tectonic unit “Pod Cisową” was proposed, which originated from Krína domain.

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