Charakterystyka petrofizyczno-mineralogiczna perspektywicznych kompleksów węglowodorowych na podstawie wybranych wyników badań laboratoryjnych

Ireneusz Dyrka


Petrophysical and mineralogical characterization of prospective hydrocarbon complexes estimated based on selected laboratory research results.
A b s t r a c t. This article has been prepared based on the chapter devoted to research of petrophysical properties of shale and tight sandstones within the project: “Identification of prospective zones for unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations in Poland, stage I.” Petrophysical and mineralogical characterization of particular prospective complexes in the Baltic, Podlasie-Lublin basin and the Carboniferous basin of south-western Poland (Fore-Sudetic Homocline basement), is based on selected laboratory tests of rocks, performed by the Oil and Gas Institute – NRI in Kraków. These analyses included investigations of total porosity and effective porosity, helium porosity, total permeability, silica content, clay content and cumulative content of quartz, and feldspars and carbonates. For particular complexes mean values of individual parameters were calculated. Then, an assessment was made to find out whether they meet the established criteria and whether the results correlate with each other in the boreholes across each area.

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