Niesprawność i długotrwałość postępowań na ścieżce do koncesji eksploatacyjnej i zatwierdzenia planu ruchu – rozpoznanie i klasyfikacja istotnych czynników nieefektywnooeci tych procesów

Jan A. Stefanowicz


Incapacity and length of proceedings of access to the exploitation licence and approval of the operation plan – identification and classification of essential factors of ineffectiveness of these processes.
A b s t r a c t. This article, starting from activities proposed in Responsible Development Strategy and National Raw Material Policy, attempts to define key factors (called “factors of negative impact”) on planning and management of public tasks in the area of launching projects for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. In order to carry out researches and work out methodologies and regulation in the area of identification of barriers and conditions, three factors or set of factors are identified in the article. The conclusions include proposals of use, recognition of these factors, “negative effect” for working on changes of material regulations, dealings regulating of path to the run of mining plant.

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