Niektóre ruchome zabytki przyrody nieożywionej w Polsce

Zbigniew Wójcik



Movable nature monuments are those unique or rare geological object which were transported from their derivation place to museum or to any other place.
There are many such objects in collections of Polish natural or geological museums. These are meteorites found in Poland in the vicinity of Białystok in 1817, at Świecie in 1850, Pułtusk in 1868, in Poznań in 1911, Łowicz in 1935 also meteorites from Chile and USA.
Carboniferous flora is represented among others by siliceous wood of Araucarites schrollianus Goepr. and Neuropteris gigantea. Tertiary woods found at Turoszów mines and other places are abundantly represented at the exhibitions in Museum of Earth and in the Geological Institute in Warsaw.
Quaternary monuments of nature are represented among others by shaggy rhinoceras (Coelodonta antiquitatis Blum.) found in the Starunia calt-ozokerite (Sub-carpathian region). It is to found at the exhibition of Natural History Museum of Polish Academy of Science in Cracow.

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