New dimorphic species of the genus Rollierites Jeannet from southern Poland

Sreepat Jain, Marek Mazur


A new ammonite assemblage from the lower beds of the Ogrodzieniec Quarry (southern Poland), the only Callovian section in the middle part of the Polish Jura Chain, is described. It includes the presence of Kosmoceras rotundum (Quenstedt), followed by the first example of co-occurring micro- and macroconchs in the genus Rollierites (R. biplicatum sp. n.) and above it, the association of Euaspidoceras sp. and Peltoceratoides (Parawedekindia) gerberi Prieser. Both R. biplicatum sp. n. (m and M; microconch and macroconch) and K. rotundum are assigned to the late Callovian Lamberti Zone. P. (P.) gerberi characterizes the early Oxfordian Cordatum Zone. This is the first record of the genus Rollierites from Poland. This study extends the upper age limit of the middle Callovian Rollierites up to the late Callovian Lamberti Zone. On the basis of morphological and stratigraphical data, it is tentatively proposed that the origin of the early–middle Oxfordian Tornquistes may be in the middle–late Callovian Rollierites, rather than the previously proposed late Callovian Pachyceras. However, this is speculation, as the present data set is insufficient.

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