Eressella, a new uncinuloid brachiopod genus from the Middle Devonian of Europe and Africa

Adam T. Halamski, Andrzej Baliński


Eressella, a new genus of rhynchonellide brachiopods belonging to the superfamily Uncinuloidea Rzhonsnitskaya, 1956, is described with Rhynchonella coronata Kayser, 1871, as the type and only species. It is characterised by a dorsibiconvex profile with a resupinate ventral valve, costae rounded posteriorly, but acute and developing ventrally directed spur-like protuberances anteriorly, small dental cavities, cardinal process multilobed posteriorly and massive anteriorly, and the presence of a septalium and thick dorsal median septum. Given the present state of flux in the systematics of the superfamily, it is conventionally placed within the family Uncinulidae Rzhonsnitskaya, 1956, although similarities with the subfamily Betterbergiinae Savage, 1996 and the family Eucharitinidae Sartenaer, 2015 are also noted. Eressella coronata, hitherto the only representative of the genus, is known from the Eifel Hills (Eifelian, mainly middle Eifelian), from central Poland (especially from the Eifelian of the Holy Cross Mts.), and from the Moroccan Anti-Atlas (late Eifelian to early Givetian, details uncertain).

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