Supplemental data on Triassic (Anisian) corals from Upper Silesia (Poland)

Elżbieta Morycowa


About twenty species of scleractinian corals are known from the shallow marine epicontinental deposits (Middle Triassic: Anisian, Muschelkalk) of Kraków-Upper Silesia region. Four of them require taxonomic revision. On the basis of partly preserved micromorphological features and the microstructure of the skeletons two of them are corrected, i.e. Coelocoenia? assmanni Weissermel, 1925 and C. exporrecta Weissermel, 1925, from Kamień Śląski, near Opole (Upper Silesia). Coelocoenia? assmanni was incorporated into Eckastraea prisca (Weissermel, 1925), family Eckastraeidae Morycowa, 2006, in Morycowa and Szulc (2006) and C. exporrecta is assigned to a new genus Opolestraea nov. gen., family Eckastraeidae.

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