Aptian age of the “spotted limestone” (Pieniny Limestone Formation) in Grajcarek Stream (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland)

Andrzej Pszczółkowski


Planktonic foraminifera, calcareous dinocysts and nannofossils have been identified in thin sections of the “spotted limestone”, exposed in the Grajcarek Stream at Szlachtowa and assigned to the Pieniny Limestone Formation in the Magura Succession, Pieniny Klippen Belt (southern Poland). The new data indicate that the “spotted limestone” is older than was suggested in previous reports (Albian or Cenomanian?). The foraminiferal taxa belong mainly to the upper part of the Lower Aptian. The calcareous nannofossils may correspond to the Aptian NC6(?)–NC7 zones, whereas the assemblage of calcareous dinoflagellate cysts is less conclusive (Late Barremian–Aptian).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14241/asgp.2014.001