Petrophysical properties of the pre-Miocene rocks of the Outer Zone of the Ukrainian Carpathian Foredeep

Ihor Kurovets, Hryhoriy Prytulka, Andriy Shyra, Yulia Shuflyak, Tadeusz Marek Peryt


The paper summarizes the results of various laboratory studies of core material, including porosity, permeability, lithological-facies and structural and textural characteristics of more than 1,000 samples of Mesozoic and Palaeozoic rocks. The petrophysical parameters of siliciclastic and carbonate rocks are analysed for the total of samples representing different lithologies (limestones vs. sandstones) as well as for particular stratigraphic intervals (Upper and Lower Cretaceous, Upper Jurassic, Middle and Lower Jurassic, and Palaeozoic). The terrigenous rocks with intergranular porosity and fracture-cavernous carbonate rocks of reefal facies form the best reservoir rocks within the Mesozoic. The terrigenous rocks of fractured and fractured-porous type that are controlled by the fault-block tectonics provide the best Palaeozoic and Ediacaran reservoirs.

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