SHRIMP U-Pb zircon chronology of the Polish Western Outer Carpathians source areas

Bartosz Budzyń, Daniel J. Dunkley, Monika A. Kusiak, Paweł Poprawa, Tomasz Malata, Michał Skiba, Mariusz Paszkowski


The Western Outer Carpathians flysch of Poland comprises clasts of crystalline rocks representing source areas that supplied sedimentary basins with clastic material. Zircon from quartz syenite and granite cobbles representing the Silesian Ridge, the currently unexposed source area located at the southern margin of the Silesian Basin, yielded uniform U-Pb dates of 604±6 Ma and 599±6 Ma. These are interpreted as the age of igneous crystallization. Similarly, zircon from a gneiss cobble derived from the northern source terrain gave 610±6 Ma date, which is interpreted as the age of crystallization of the granitic protolith to the gneiss. The Neoproterozoic magmatism is interpreted to have occurred at the Gondwana active margin.

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