Coiling modes in the Family Plectorecurvoididae (Foraminiferida)

Emil Platon


Sposób zwinięcia komór w skorupkach otwornic z rodziny Plectorecurvoididae

Specimens o f Pokornyammina, Thalmannammina (?) and were analysed for this study. Taxa with a biserial axis are coiled in the same manner as those with a uniserial axis. In Pokornyammina irregularis (Geroch) the biserial axis can be coiled in a "streptospiral thalmannamminiform" manner or a "streptospiral sensu stricto" manner. The shape of the chamber and the presence of biserial chamber arrangement lead us to believe that Thalmannammina neocomiensis should be transfered to the family Plectorecurvoididae.

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