Lower Cretaceous agglutinated Foraminifera from the Superfamilies Verneuilinacea and Ataxophragmiacea; southern Dobrogea, Romania

Theodor A. Neagu


Dolnokredowe otwornice aglutynujące z nadrodziny Verneuilinacea i Ataxophragmiacea; południowa Dobrogea, Rumunia

The present paper starts the study of the upper Berriasian-lower Aptian agglutinated foraminifera from southern Dobrogea. The following taxa are presented: Verneuilionoides faraonica, V. polonicus, V. danubiensis n.sp., V. pumilionis n.sp., V. fastigatus. Gaudryina cf. ectypa. G. dacica, Verneuilina angularis. V. dobrogiaca n.sp., Arenobulimina venasta n.sp.. A. melitaeformis n.sp., A. melitae, A. corniculum, A. cochleata. A. gibberosa n.sp., A. pfenderinae n.sp., A. moessiana n.sp., A. acervata n.sp., A. dissoluta n.sp.. A. corrugata n.sp.. A. cuculifonnis n.sp. Two new genera, Danubina n.gen. and Gerochella n.gen. are also described. Palaeoecological and pnlaeogeographical considerations, using the morpho-structural characters of the wall are also discussed.

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