On a new Rhipidogyrin genus, Diplocoeniella (Scleractinia, Lower Cretaceous)

Elżbieta Morycowa


Diplocoeniella, nowy rodzaj koralowca z podrzędu Rhipidogyrina (Scleractinia, kreda dolna)

Diplocoeniella gen. n. is newly described from the Barremian and Lower Aptian of the Polish Outer Carpathians. This genus includes cerioid colonies, plocoid in appearance, characterized by intracalicular budding, septoparathecal wall o f corallites, costosepta consisting of branching trabeculae, typical o f rhipidogyrin corals, styliform columella, extended, tabuloid dissepiments. One new species of this genus, Diplocoeniella gerochi sp. n. is described herein.

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