Boring Foraminifera from exotics of the Štramberk-type Limestones (Tithonian-Lower Berriasian, Polish Carpathians)

Bogusław Kołodziej


Drążące otwornice z wapieni egzotykowych typu sztramberskiego (tyton - dolny berias, Karpaty)

The boring foraminifera Troglotella incrustons has been recorded in exotic boulders of the Stramberk- type limestone (Tithonian-lower Bemasian) occuring in the Polish Flysch Carpathians. In the studied material Troglotella occurs in association with Lithocodium aggregation. The foraminiferal nature of this microproblematicum is accepted herein. The co-occurrence of both foraminifers is interpreted as a life association. Troglotella facultatively lived inside chambers of Lithocodium or bored in the carbonate skeletal substrate encrusted by it. On 5 mm o f substrate as many as 10-15 borings-produced by Troglotella have been found. This poorly known foraminifera was described up to now from the Upper Jurassic. New data from other regions suggest that the stratigraphical range of the Lithocodium-Troglotella association should be extended to the Albian.

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