Early Oligocene Foraminifera from Kap Brewster, East Greenland

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Antonina Jednorowska


Otwornice dolnego oligocenu z Kap Brewster, wschodnia Grenlandia

Early Oligocene foraminiferal assemblages from the shallow-marine Krabbedalen Formation (Kap Dalton Group) at Kap Brewster, East Greenland, yielded 33 foraminiferal species, belonging to 23 genera and 17 families. Agglutinated foraminifera dominate the assemblage. Their large, well-cemented tests, are usually composed of coarse sand grains. Calcareous benthos is second in frequency, calcareous plankton (one species) and other microfossils are a rare admixture. The unusually large test size of some agglutinated foraminifera, particularly those of Cyclammina cancellata Brady and Reophax pilulifer Brady, are interpreted as a response to cooling of the Early Oligocene coastal sea by the East Greenland Current.

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