Geological control on the Osława River meander at Duszatyn, Western Bieszczady Mountains, Polish Outer Carpathians

Włodzimierz Margielewski


Geologiczne uwarunkowania rozwoju zakola Osławy w Duszatynie (Bieszczady Zachodnie, Polskie Karpaty zewnętrzne)

At Duszatyn village (Western Bieszczady Mts.), the Oslawa River forms an unique meander loop which is not typical for the mountainous area. Detailed analysis has shown that this landform was created due to the evolution of two left-hand tributaries of the Oslawa River during the formation of its regressive water-gap. These processes were determined by mass movements which have strongly stimulated the fluvial system. The origin of the Oslawa River meander was largely controlled by lithological differences in rock resistance, orientation of the joint pattern, as well as the presence of bordering oblique and thrust faults which have had a bearing on the diversified neotectonic uplift of the area.

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