Preliminary results of geodetic measurements in the Inowrocław salt dome area, NW Poland

Zbigniew Szczerbowski


Wstępne wyniki badań geodezyjnych w rejonie kopuły solnej Inowrocławia w północno-zachodniej Polsce

The results of geodetic measurements conducted in the Inowrocław salt dome area are presented in this paper. The main aim of these studies was to determine changes in the rock mass exerted by geological processes. These processes have led to the changes in the salt dome geometry and physical properties of surrounding rocks. Degradation of the salt-gypsum cap of the dome strongly depends on the hydrogeological conditions and, particularly, on tectonic structure which has had a bearing on the uplift of the ground surface. The principal goal of the paper is to present the results of geodetic levelling surveys in the Inowrocław area wherein the mining activity was terminated in 1991. These results point to a progressive salt uplift in some areas, showing a constant rate throughout the study period.

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