Bromide concentration in mine waters from the Wieliczka salt mine as an indicator of their origin and migration of flow paths in the salt deposit

Bogumiła Winid, Stanisław Witczak


Zawartość bromków w wodach kopalnianych złoża soli Wieliczka wskaźnikiem ich pochodzenia i cyrkulacji w złożu

The subject of this study is the chemistry of waters contained in the salt deposit of Wieliczka. The bromide content determined in relation to the chloride one, using the evaporation curve or the Cl/Br ratio, point to dissolution of chloride minerals as the main process in the origin o f mine waters. Because of a number of processes involved in the circulation of waters within the deposit, the Br content in mine water depends on three factors: concentration of salts associated with leaching of the deposit, Br content in the salt, and dissolution - evaporation cycles on the water migration paths. The diagram Br vs. Cl or vs. density is used to explain these factors.

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