Geometric analysis of steep-dipping dislocations within the granitoid core in the Polish part of the Tatra Mts

Edyta Jurewicz


Analiza geometryczna stromych dyslokacji w trzonie granitowym polskiej części Tatr Wysokich

The paper is focused on steep dipping dislocations within the granitoid core o f the Polish part of the Tatra Mts. Two groups o f dislocations were distinguished: single faults with flat and smooth planes, and mylonitic and cataclastic zones. With the help of TectonicsFP software, the reconstruction o f the stress pattern, responsible for the formation o f single faults, is presented basing on slip structures on their planes. The structures can be linked with the Middle Miocene (Sarmatian) 106-120° extension; in effect a set o f normal oblique-slip, =35/60N faults was formed with a horizontal sinistral component. The geometry o f the system o f mylonitic and cataclastic zones should be analysed after reversing them to positions prior to the post-Palaeogene rotational upheaval of the Tatra Mts. The orientation o f some dislocation zones, described in literature, is revised.

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