Albian corals from the Subpelagonian Zone of Central Greece (Agrostylia, Parnassos region)

Elżbieta Morycowa, Anastasia Marcopoulou-Diacantoni


Albskie koralowce z jenostki subpelagońskiej środkowej Grecji (Agrostylia, rejon Parnasu)

Shallow-water scleractinian corals from Cretaceous allochthonous sediments o f the Subpelagonian Zone in Agrostylia (Pamassos region, Central Greece) represent 47 taxa belonging to 35 genera, 15 families and 8 suborders; of these 3 new genera and 9 new species are described. Among these taxa, 5 were identified only at the generic level. One octocorallian species has also been identified. This coral assemblage is representative for late Early Cretaceous Tethyan realm but also shows some endemism. A characteristic feature o f this scleractinian coral assemblage is the abundance o f specimens from the suborder Rhipidogyrina. The Albian age o f the corals discussed is indicated by the whole studied coral fauna, associated foraminifers, calpionellids and calcareous dinoflagellates.

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