Geology of sub-Quaternary basement and stratigraphy of Quaternary sediments in the Middle Notec River valley

Jan Dzierżek


Budowa podłoża podczwartorzędowego i stratygrafia osadów czwartorzędowych rejonu doliny środkowej Noteci, Zachodnia Polska

A model of geological structure, including detailed stratigraphy of Quaternary sediments in the Middle Noteć River valley region, is presented. More than 950 boreholes and 64 geological sections have been analysed. The sub-Tertiary basement includes the Pomorze-Kujawy (Pomeranian-Kuyavian) Swell and the Szczecin- Mogilno Trough, built up of Cretaceous and Jurassic rocks. The Tertiary sediments are up to 260 m thick. Fourteen till beds, representing 7 glaciations: Narevian, Nidanian, Sanian I, Sanian II, Odranian, Wartanian, and Vistulian, have been distinguished, ranging from a few to 220 m in thickness. Fluvial and lacustrine sediments separating individual tills represent the Podlasian, Malopolanian, Ferdynandovian, Mazovian, Lubavian and Eemian interglacials.

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