Drobne struktury tektoniczne w skałach górnokredowych wschodniej części Wyżyny Lubelskiej a dyslokacje podłoża platformy wschodnioeuropejskiej w kenozoiku

Radosław Dobrowolski


Mesosoic tectonic structures in the Upper Cretaceous rocks in the eastern part of the Lublin Upland versus faulting of the East-European Platform basement during the Cenozoic

Bedding planes, mesofaults, joints, tectoglyphs and feather joints have been studied in the Upper Cretaceous opokas, marls and chalk. On the basis of their orientation, surface character, occurrence and formation type of accompanying structures the principal stress directions were found. They were used for determining the relative chronology of the Cainozoic structural development of this area. Three post-Maestrichtian developmental stages connected with the change of the regional stress field were evidenced. Vertical uplift, horizontal compression (NE-SW) and horizontal couple of forces (NW-SE) acted jointly with different intensity during each of these stages.

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