Margle krzemionkowe i fukoidowe w rejonie Rybotycz: nowe dane litofacjalne i stratygraficzne (płaszczowina skolska, kreda, Karpaty)

Stanisław Leszczyński, Kazimiera Malik, Mariusz Kędzierski


New data on lithofacies and stratigraphy of the siliceous and fucoid marl of the Skole Nappe (Cretaceous, Polish Carpathians)

Deposits o f the Siliceous (Holovnia) and Fucoid (Kropivnik) Marl Members (SMM and FMM. respectively) are very similar. In both units the layers o f marl, sillite and arenite are thin-bedded turbidites. Shales in the SMM are noncalcarcous whereas they are essentially calcareous in the fucoid marl sequence. Nannofossils indicate sedimentation of the SMM from the earliest Turanian up to middle Santonian (CC 11 - CC 15), while the EMM was deposited from the latest Santonian up to early Maastrichtian (CC 17 - CC 23b). A 100 m thick sequence of the thin-bedded siliciturbidites of the Rybnik Member which separates SMM and FMM, was deposited during a very short lime interval of the Late Santonian (CC 16), i.e. only for about I million years.

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