Odranian glaciolacustrine sedimentation in the Kleszczów Graben, Central Poland

Dariusz Krzyszkowski


Lodowcowo-jeziorna sedymentacja ze zlodowaceniem Odranian w Rowie Kleszczowa (Polska centralna)

The Lower Saalian (Odranian) glaciolacustrine sequence exposed in the Bełchatów outcrop is a narrow (2-4 km), 10-40 m thick deposit bordered by faults of the Kleszczów Graben. The proglacial deposition was controlled by the tectonic evolution of the graben. Varved clays were deposited in deep basins; silty-sandy deposits were formed on the deltaic slopes, near the trough margins. Additionally, gravity-flow sediments, including subaqueous diamictons, were generated on the active fault scarps within the basin. They are interbedded with both deep and shallow water deposits. The diamictons consist of a mixture of older glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine deposits and reworked tills. A model of proglacial lake sedimentation in the tectonically active basin is proposed.

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