Organodetrital conglomerates with ooids in the Cieszyn Limestone (Tithonian Berriasian) of the Polish Flysch Carpathians and their palaeogeographic significance

Jacek Matyszkiewicz, Tadeusz Słomka


Zlepieńce organodetrytyczne z ooidami w wapieniach cieszyńskich (tyton berias) polskich Karpat fliszowych i ich znacznie paleogeograficzne

Several beds of organodetrital conglomerates containing ooids were found in the carbonate turbidites of the Upper Cieszyn Limestone (Berriasian) of the Żywiec region. Three microfacies were distinguished: oolilhic-sponge, sponge and pyritic-algal. Their presence prooves fluorishing life on the shallow-water carbonate platform o f the Silesian Ridge at the transition of Jurassic to Cretaceous time, and points to the progressive eastward migration of tectonic movements responsible for the uplift o f successive tectonic blocks within the Ridge. Denudation o f the uplifted areas supplied large volumes of calcareous debris which was deposited along the foot of the Silesian Ridge, first as aprons, then as submarine fans.

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