Water-rock interaction in some mineral waters in the Sudetes, Poland: implications for chemical geothermometry

Paweł M. Leśniak, Dorota Nowak


Oddziaływanie woda-skała w niektórych wodach mineralnych Sudetów: znaczenie dla geotermometrii chemicznej

So-called chemical geothermometers influenced greatly estimation of groundwater temperatures. However, it has been shown that in low enthalpy waters in the Sudetes geothermometers have a limited application. We found that for the available chemical analyses with field pH and the carefully chosen set of thermodynamical data practically all mineral waters (thermal and carbonated) are far from overall equilibrium with minerals at any temperature. Only exceptionally could a particular mineral pair be candidate for a geothermometer in the Sudetes. We found that the reasonable range of the expected water temperatures in the Sudetes is 50°-95°C in waters in Duszniki (Pieniawa Chopina) and 60° - 70°C in Cieplice (Basenowe springs and C-2 borehole, which is quite close to the present output temperature of the waters.

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