Growth of speleothems below the karst-water table: considera­tions on the genesis of sulphide stalactites from the Upper Silesia Zn-Pb ore deposits

Jacek Motyka, Marek Szuwarzyński


O powstawaniu nacieków w strefie saturacji: rozważania nad genezą stalaktytów sfalerytowych i markasytowych w górnośląskich złożach rud cynku i ołowiu

Studies are presented on sphalerite and marcasite stalactites and curtains occurring in some ore bodies from the Upper Silesian Zn-Pb deposits. Forms of these speleothems are described along with the texture of minerals and the types of cavities in which speleothems were grown (original karst caves and open spaces formed during mineralization events). Conditions of their formation are described and genetic concept is proposed. The sulphide speleothems could be formed in the saturated (phreatic) zone, below the karst-water table, in cavities partly or entirely filled with gas.

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