Early Devonian miospores and age of the Zwoleń Formation (Old Red Sandstone Facies) from Ciepielów IG-1 borehole

Elżbieta Turnau, Lidia Jakubowska


Wczesnodewońskie spory i wiek formacji zwoleńskiej (facja oldredu) z otworu Ciepielów IG-1

Early Devonian spores are described and illustrated from the upper part of the Zwoleń Formation from the borehole Ciepielów IG-1 of the Radom -Lublin area. This formation represents sediments of fluviatile origin. The spore zones breconensis - zavallatus, polygonalis - emsiensis and annulatus - sextantii are recognised. The upper part of the formation is assigned to the upper Gedinnian, Siegenian and Emsian. It is suggested that in the study area, the clastic deposition of the Old Red Sandstone facies began during the Gedinnian. and not during the Siegenian as was supposed before. The taxonomical section includes descriptions of eleven species. One genus and seven species arc new.

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