Tektonika masywu Czerwonych Wierchów w świetle obserwacji z jaskiń

Jerzy Grodzicki, Rafał M. Kardaś


Tectonics of the Czerwone Wierchy Massif (Tatra Mts.) in the light of the observations in caves

The paper presents the results of geological studies in the caves of the Czerwone Wierchy Massif. A new Wielka Litworowa leelonie unit was distinguished on the basis of the data from the Wielka Litworowa Cave. The unit is built of southward dipping Triassic, Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous strata in normal position. The collected data provided ground for a revised structural interpretation of the Czerwone Wierchy Fold, involving duplexes in the massif structure.

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