Ammonite biostratigraphy of the Tithonian of western Cuba

Ryszard Myczyński


Bioestratigrafia del Tithoniano de Cuba Occidental en al base de los ammonites (Resumen)

Biostratygrafia amonitowa tytonu zachodniej Kuby

Ammonite fauna of the Tithonian of western Cuba, described in this paper, includes 42 species belonging to nine families. One species. Simocosmocenis pszczolkowskii n. sp., is new and five others are probably new. Five ammonite zones have been distinguished in the Sierra de los Organos and four in the Sierra del Rosario, the two facies-structural units of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico where the fauna has been collected. The analysis of the paleobiogeographical relations of the Tithonian ammonites from western Cuba leads to the disliclion of Caribbean Province in the Tithonian. This province existed probably also during the whole Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous times. It is now represented in the sequences exposed in Cuba, Mexico and the southern part of the United States.

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