Late Paleozoic fossils from pebbles in the San Cayetano Formation, Sierra del Rosario, Cuba

Andrzej Pszczółkowski


Fosiles del Paleozoico Tardio de los guijarross colectados de le Formacion San Cayetano en la Sierra del Rosario, Cuba (Resumen)

Późnopaleozoiczne skamieniałości z otoczaków w formacji San Cayetano, Sierra del Rosario, Kuba

Late Paleozoic Foraminiferida and Bryozoa have been found in silicified limestone pebbles collected from the sandstones of the San Cayetano Formation in the Sierra del Rosario (western Cuba). All but one specimen of Foraminiferida belong to the Fusulinacea and include Schwagerina sp. and Parafusulina sp. One specimen of Tetrataxis sp. has been found together with the bryozoan Rhabdomeson sp. The schwagerinids are of Permian (probably Leonardian) age, and the other fossils are of Carboniferous or Permian age. The fossiliferous pebbles were derived from Late Paleozoic rocks located at least some hundred kilometers from the San Cayetano basin during Middle Jurassic to Oxfordian time. The schwagerinid-bearing pebble of Permian age could have been transported from Central America, southwestern North America or northwestern South America (?).

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