Red limestones - the youngest lithological unit of the Choč nappe, Tatra Mts.

Alfred Uchman


Wapienie czerwone - najmłodsze ogniwo litologiczne w płaszczowinie chotczańskiej

The Uplaz and Brama Kantaka thrust sheets contain hitherto undescribed pelagic red limestones (middle Jurassic?), partly developed in filament fades. These limestones represent the youngest lithological member of the Choć Nappe, Tatra Mts. Within the Uplaz thrust sheet, the limestones form neptunie dykes which penetrate into zoogenic limestones, Lotharingian-Domerian (?) in age. The Brama Kantaka crinoid limestones, hitherto considered the youngest (Domerian- Toarcian?) member of the Choć series, were most probably formed during Lotharingian-Domerian times. These limestones pass laterally into cherty limestones, previously thought to have represented an older lithological member.

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