Mineral water deposits i vicinity of Tylicz (Beskid Niski Range, Polish Flysch Carpathians)

Aleksandra Kostecka, Stanisław Węcławik


Osady wód mineralnych w rejonie Tylicza (Beskid Niski, Polskie karpaty fliszowe)

Numerous fragments of mineral water deposits were found in a locality at Tylicz, near Krynica. These are cementcd deposits developed as concretions and crusts accompanied by phrcatic druzy calwite and vadose calcite sinter. The concretions and the crusts consist of silt and very fine quartz sand cemented with low-magnesium calcite. The clastic material is derived from the flysch rocks. The carbonate cement of these rocks was removed by aggresive water rich in carbon dioxide and the grains were deposited in fissures and caverns. Fine, funnel-shaped concavities occur on surfaces of the concretions and crusts. They are supposed to be due to the escape of liquefied silt or water under the pressure of carbon dioxide. Due to the rapid escape of carbon dioxide and precipitation of calcite the sediment accumulated in fissures and caverns turned into solid rock containing in placcs lenses of loose material. Circulating water washed it away leaving flattened voids, which were later lined with phreatic druzy calcite. The growth of druzy calcitc on the bottom surface of some voids was stopped due to accumulation of fine, clastic internal sediment. In vadose conditions, the layers of druzy calcine were locally covered by calcite sinter.

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