Karst-corrasion features of disaggregated limestones controlled by diffusion bands

Stanisław Dżułyński, Jan Rudnicki


Zjawisko krasowo-korozyjne w strukturach dyfuzyjnych w zdezintegrowanych wapieniach

This paper deals with minor karst-corrasion features in disaggregated limestones. The features occur in the form of parallel sheet-like bodies made up of recemented grains and alternating with zones of soft disaggregated limestones riddled with small corrasion cavities. The sheetlike bodies trend parallel or obliquely to sedimentary interfaces and, if traced far enough, pass into irregular, semi-concentric or conccntric configurations. It is suggested that the pattern of sheet structures is controlled by rhythmic diffusion bands developed in the disaggregated and homogenized limestone. Implications are also made concerning similar patterns shown hy some metasomatic “ribbon ores” in Mississippi Valley-type Deposits.

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