The Lower Paleozoic volcaniclastic rocks from the easternmost part of the Bolków Unit (Góry Kaczawskie Mts., SW Poland): their origin and mode of deposition

Marek Awdankiewicz


Dolnopaleozoiczne skały wulkanoklastyczne we wschodniej części jednostki Bolkowa (Góry Kaczawskie): ich geneza i mechanizm depozycji

Lower Paleozoic metamorphosed greenschist facies volcaniclastic rocks with well preserved primary structures occur in the eastern part of the Bolków unit, within the Kaczawa complex, West Sudetes. They are interpreted mostly as deposits of turbulent gravity flows ranging from high concentration flows to dilute turbidity currents, with subordinate ash-flow tuffs. These rocks are considered to have been deposited in a relatively deep marine environment, close to active volcanic centres.

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