Osady interglacjalne w Falęcicach oraz ich znaczenie dla stratygrafii plejstocenu w dorzeczu dolnej Pilicy (Polska Środkowa)

Leszek Lindner, Barbara Marciniak, Maria Ziembińska-Tworzydło


Interglacjal sediments at Falęcice and their significance for stratigraphy of the Pleistocene in the Lower Pilica drainage basin (Central Poland)

Palynological studies of intra-till mineral and organic sediments in the site Falęcice on the Lower Pilica River enabled to refer their deposition to the first (in a broad sense) climatic optimum (pollen periods I - IV) of the Ferdynandovian Interglacial (Byelovezhian, Voigtstedt). Diatomological analyses indicate presence of sporadic diatoms in the middle part of these sediments only (diatom horizons A -F ) . Noted diatoms document a short existence of an cutrophic lake in a younger part of the first optimum of this interglacial. Interglacial sediments of the Falęcice site were laid down at the time of the maximum extent of the ice sheet of the Wartanian Glaciation. The till underlying these sediments represents the Sanian 1 Glaciation whereas the overlying tills correspond to the glaciations Sanian 2, Odranian and Wartanian according to Lindner (1988a, b).

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