Origin and age of the large-scale glaciotectonic structures in central and eastern Poland

Hanna Ruszczyńska-Szenajch


Geneza i wiek wielkoskalowych struktur glacitektonicznych w środkowej i wschodniej Polsce

The dominating genetic kind of the large-scale glaciotectonic features in central and eastern Poland is represented by squeezed-up end moraines which are mainly composed of local substratum material and are often accompanied in their proximal sides by corresponding depressions being source zones of the squeezed-up sediments. The push-forward end moraines and other features pushed frontally by glacial ice, which do not contain material from beneath, are much scarcer in the area discussed. The glaciotectonic features occur in all the successive glaciogenic horizons. The dimensions of deformations - in areas characterized by the occurrence of thick soft substratum - point to the thickness of corresponding disturbing ice, while their directional features give evidence concerning the direction of the ice flow. However, the latter data show also the dependence on the buried hard bedrock which influenced the geometry of the deformations.

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