A new zone with Praeorbulina indigena (Foraminiferida, Globigerinidae) in the Upper Badenian (Tortonian s.s.) of Central Parathethys

Ewa Łuczkowska


Nowy poziom z Praeorbulina indigena (Foraminiferida, Globigerinidae) w górnym badenianie (tortonie s.s.) Centralnej Paratetydy

It is suggested to introduce a zone with planktonic foraminifer Praeorbulina indigena for the Upper Badenian sediments in the Central Paratethys, in the area outside and inside of Carpathian Belt in Poland, USSR, Rumania and CSSR. The inclusion of Praeorbulina indigena to the new genus Velapertina (Popescu 1969) is regarded as invalid.

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