Studia paleomagnetyczne skał polskich. IV. Kenozoiczne bazalty Dolnego Śląska

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Jerzy Jerzmański, Alan E. M. Nairn


Paleomagnetic studies of Polish rocks IV. Cenozoic Basalts of Lower Silesia

The investigation of the Tertiary to Recent volcanic rocks of Lower Silesia, which range in age from Oligocene to possibly a Pleistocene age, indicates the presence of several zones of normal and reversely magnetized rocks. Unfortunately in the absence of detailed radiometric studies, the palaeomagnetic investigation can contribute little to the study of the sequence of reversals in the sign of magnetization. Suggested tentative correlation of the rocks of the Jawor area with those of eastern Germany is made. In the region of Lądek Zdrój it is also clear that the normal magnetization found in conjunction with the geological evidence suggests that the volcanics found there may be younger than 0.69 m.y. Although the broad geophysical conclusions are disappointing, the palaeomagnetic data are interest in the tentative geological correlation on a local scale, of the volcanic episodes. The geological-palaeomagnetic implications of the inter-relationships of the volcanic rocks are discussed for the regions around Jawor, Lubań, Niemodlin, and Lądek Zdrój.

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