Materiały do znajomości ramienionogów z górnej kredy okolic Krakowa(Praca pośmiertna przygotowana do druku pod redakcją G. Biernat i E. Popiel-Barczyk)

Eugeniusz Panow


Contribution to the knowledge of the Brachiopods from the Upper Cretaceous of the Kraków district (Posthumous publictaion, prepared for publictaion by Gertruda Biernat and Ewa Popiel-Barczyk)

For a number of years Eugeniusz Panow carried out work on brachiopods from the Upper Cretaceous of the Kraków district and died in 1958, with a paper in preparation for publication. Identifications of species were reviewed in detail by G. Biernat and E. Popiel-Barczyk, who checked descriptions with specimens and made photographs of specimens. The elaboration of this fauna does not entirely fulfill the demands of science by present-day standards, but nevertheless may be of interest to specialist studying Upper Cretaceous brachiopods. Below are given the amended determinations by E. Panow, with short explanations for particular species. For list of the species see Table II.

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