On some representatives of the Family Nodosariidae (Foraminiferida) from the Middle Jurassic of Poland

Jan Kopik


O niektórych przedstawicielach rodziny Nodosariidae (Foraminiferida) środkowej jury Polski

Three new species, Frondicularia (Ichtyolaria) nympha sp. n., Lenticulina (Astacolus) kujaviana sp. n. and L. (A.) argonauta sp. n. ,as well as new subspecies, L. (A.) polymorpha arachne subsp. n., have been distinguished in an assemblage of foraminifers occurring in the epicontinental Kuiavian and Bathonian sediments of Poland. The first two species are common in Kuiavian stage (Upper Bajocian and Lower Bathonian sensu anglico) of the Pomeranian Swell, Fore-Sudetic Monocline, Rawa-Gielniów Anticline and Cracow-Wieluń Jura. Lenticulina (Astacolus) polymorpha arachne subsp. n. and L. (A.) argonauta sp. n. have so far been distinguished only in the Kuiavian and Bathonian of the Cracow-Wieluń Jura.

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