The nannofossils of the Eocene flysch in the Hagenbach Valley (Northern Vienna Woods), Austria

Herbert Stradner


Nannofossilien vom Eozän Flysch im Hagenbach Tal (Wienerwald) Österreich

Assemblages of nannofossils (shell remains of marine calcareous phytoflagellates) occurring in the Eocene flysch of the Hagenbach Valley in the Northern Vienna Woods, Austria, were analysed and their occurrence listed. Besides 46 nannofossil species of Tertiary age, also reworked nannofossils from Lower and Upper Cretaceous were recorded. The nannofossil assemblages were found to be typical for the „Marthasterites tribrachiatus-Zone” and are considered to be of Lower Eocene age. Two new subzones, the „Scyphosphaera columella Subzone” (lower Lower Eocene) and the „Scyphosphaera tubicena Subzone" (middle Lower Eocene) are proposed on account of two species of the genus Scyphosphaera, which are described as new to science. The nannoplankton zonation of flysch sediments from the Paieocene and Eocene of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Switzerland is discussed and correlated.

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