To the revision of Miliolidae with Qumqueloculine and Triloculine structure of tests

A. K. Bogdanovich


Studies of the internal structure of tests of Foraminifera of the Quinqueloculina and Triloculina genera proved, that some tests with three external chambers, assigned to the genus Triloculina have in reality a quinqueloculine- -type structure. This type of structure is termed „cryptoquinqueloculine” by the author who regards it as a modification of the quinqueloculine structure proper, and proposes an appropriate modification of the diagnosis of the Quinqueloculina genus. A similar cryptoquinqueloculine structure has been found in other Miliolidae genera, among others in the genus Miliolinella Wiesner. As this feature relates it to the Scutuloris genus, the author proposes to unite these two genera, returning to the former Wiesner’s description, and to supplement appropriately the diagnosis of the Miliolinella genus.

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