Foraminifera assemblages in the Valaginian of the Polish Lowlands

Janina Sztejn


Zespoły otwornic walanżynu na Niżu Polski

Studies of Foraminifera assemblages were carried out in the Valanginian of the Polish Lowlands in the Szczecin—Mogilno—Łódź trough, the Kujawy—Pomorze Swell and the marginal trough. On the basis of the lithological and macropalaeontological data of other authors, the Valanginian is divided into three substages: the Lower, Middle and Upper Valanginian. Three Foraminifera assemblages are distinguished. Predominant genera are, Trochammina, and Lenticulina in the first assemblage, Lenticulina and Citharina in the second assemblage and Lenticulina and Epistomina in the third assemblage. The presence of particular Foraminifera assemblages in the sediments of the Polish Lowlands depends above all on the proportion of sand.

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