Zasobność wodna szczelinowo-krasowych utworów wschodniej części monokliny śląsko-krakowskiej

Zbigniew Wilk, Jacek Motyka


Ground-water storativity of karst-fissured Triassic rocks in the eastern section of the Cracow-Silesian monocline

The investigations results of the storage coefficient of the carbonate Triassic rocks in the Olkusz—Zawiercie ore mining district are presented. The method of ground water balance of the mines as well as the Theis-Jacob unsteady flow method combined with the method of superposition of stepwise changes of pumping rate were applied. The calculations of S based upon the data regarding the drop of piezometric head caused by mine dewatering and upon the pumping tests data. The storage coefficient values obtained on this way were critically analysed, discussed and compared with the published ones characterizing the same type of carbonate rocks in different parts of the world. In conclusion the storage coefficient values representative for both the confined as well as for the unconfined conditions of the aquifer under consideration are recommended.

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