Palaeomagnetic Studies of Polish Rocks. III. Neogene Igneous Rocks of the Pieniny Mountains, Carpathians

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Alan E. M. Nairn


Studia paleomagnetyczne skał polskich. III. Neogeńskie skały ogniowe Pienin

Oriented samples were collected from about thirty sites in the Pieniny Mountains, Carpathians. Routine measurements and stability tests indicated consistent results from the andesite dykes exposed on Wżar mount only. Only reversed magnetization was recorded. A tentative correlation of the results with the igneous rocks o f Slovakia would equate the Wżar intrusions with the first phase and lower part of the second phase andesites of the Central Slovakian province. From the sites in the region of Szczawnica and Szlachtowa there is an indication of both normal and reversed directions of magnetization in andesites older than those found on Wżar mount.

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