Palaeomagnetic Studies of Polish Rocks. II. The Upper Carboniferous and Lower Permian of the Sudetes

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Andrzej Grocholski, Jerzy Milewicz, Alan E. M. Nairn


Studia paleomagnetyczne skał polskich. II Górny karbon I dolny perm Sudetów

The mean directions of magnetization determined from the examination of Lower Permian volcanics and Upper Carboniferous volcanics and intrusives from the Sudetic region of Poland (Lower Silesiia) were 196 —4 (virtual pole position 175E 43N) and 196 —12 (174E 43N) respectively. Detailed descriptionsof the sampling sites are given and reasons adduced for considering the alteration of the Carboniferous igneous rocks to be of Carboniferous rather than of Permian age. It was found that certain of the rocks previously identified as „melaphyres” were metasomatised sediments on the basis of retained sedimentary structures. This however was not observed in some cases where their origin remain doubtful.

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