Możliwość zastosowania analizy teoretycznego profilu podłużnego rzeki w badaniach nad młodymi ruchami tektonicznymi

Witold Zuchiewicz


A possibility of application of the theoretical longitudinal river’s profile analysis to investigations of young tectonic movements

For the definition of equilibrium profile for six right-bank tributaries of the Dunajec (fig. 1). in the Podhale region (Czarny Dunajec, Bystry- Wielki Rogoźnik, Biały Dunajec, Leśnica, Białka, Łapszanka-Niedziczanka), Ivanov’s formula has been analysed (1951), originating from the diffusion equation. Ivanov's equation is as follows:

ho=[delta]H(L/[sigma]L)(n), where

ho— height of the given point of theoretical profile over the stream’s mouth, in metres,
h — height of the given point of topographical profile over the stream’s mouth, in metres,
[sigma]L — total length of the stream (the examined part), in kilometres,
L — distance of the given point of topographical profile from the stream’s mouth, in kilometres,
[delta]H — elevation difference between the stream’s sources and its mouth (the starting point of the stretch and the mouth), in metres,
n — from index of longitudinal profile, n = Q(1)/Q(2)
Q(1) — part of the rectangle plane with sides L and H, into which the topographical profile has been inscribed, lying above the profile line,
Q(2) — part of the plane of the above mentioned rectangle lying beneath the profile line.

Between the breaks of longitudinal profiles (figs. 2—7) of the rivers of Podhale and the arrangement of dislocation zones transversal to the valley course there is a marked relation. From 40% to 80% of the total number of faults cutting the bedrock in the given stream channel are related to the stretches of bigger slope (tables 1, 2). In the stream valleys of eastern Podhale the regions of large landslides correspond to the faults. In all the analysed cases the relation of the theoretical profile to the topographical one indicates the recent uplifting of the Pieniny Klippen Belt. The intensity of the uplifting increases eastwards. The eastern part of Gubałówka Plateau is also being uplifted. Whereas the western part of Podhale, the Orawa Basin and the eastern part of the Nowy Targ Basin are being lowered. The ascertainments resulting from the analysis of longitudinal theoretical profiles agree with the results of field geologic-geomorphological investigations. The method presented allows for the preliminary delimitation of areas subjected to different tectonic movements.

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